Favourites, comfort food and standby meals

Sometimes it gets a bit difficult to come up with new things to write about, I mean, who eats 300 or more different meals in a year? Most people, me included, have favourites that they return to over and over again.

Classic roast dinners are an example of that, most people like a roast and a roasted leg of lamb is a thing of joy. I like mint sauce with my lamb sometimes too, and a gravy made with the pan juices and with some redcurrant jelly added in to give it an edge of sweetness.

Roast chicken either a whole bird or in pieces is also a great standby. It is something that can be given a twist or you can eat it plain. The only twist here is the use of purple-fleshed potatoes instead of white ones. They go a dark brown when roasted but the flesh does have an amazing colour and they have a nice nutty flavour too.

Pasta bakes are another great comfort food and weekday favourite. Leeks and mushrooms go nicely in a cheese sauce, especially with some pieces of bacon to give the dish some added flavour, because cheese works wonderfully with ham and bacon.


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