A quick weekly round-up

Last week, we were eating lots of things I’ve blogged about in the past, so it will just be pictures plus a few comments.

I love kedgeree, such a retro dish and classic British comfort food. This one was made with undyed smoked haddock and spiced up with some bottled Thai sweet chilli sauce drizzled on top.

Nothing too revolutionary here; pork, crackling, stuffing, apple sauce, cider gravy and some spinach and carrots. The potatoes look odd because they are roasted purple ones.

The apple sauce was made with cored apples that were roasted around the meat, the flesh scraped from the skins and then mashed.

Pierogi are a kind of Polish ravioli or tortellini. They are usually stuffed with meat, cheese and potato or mushrooms, with or without sauerkraut. These were cheese ones. I cheated and used ones from a local Polish supermarket.

You can poach them or fry them. These were fried and served with a simple sauce made with fried bacon lardons and some single cream.

A tian is a kind of Provençal earthenware dish that has given its name to the things you cook in it. This is basically a courgette gratin, with a rich cheese-enriched béchamel sauce and breadcrumb topping. The cheeses I used were Emmenthal and Provolone, with some Dijon mustard to give the sauce some extra depth. You don’t really taste the mustard, but it does seem to enhance the flavour of the sauce. I peeled strips off of the courgettes before slicing them to give the dish an attractive appearance. Other ingredients were sautéed shallots and garlic and some grated Pecorino cheese mixed in with the dried white breadcrumbs.

All in all some excellent simple comfort food here.


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