Sea bass with risotto

I bought a small farmed sea bass and filleted it myself. I suppose I could have cooked it whole, but I wanted a nice crisp skin and no bones for this dish. I think that if I’d got a bigger fish, I’d probably have roasted it whole.

The risotto was made with carnaroli rice. Risotto is a pretty simple dish really, people seem to panic over it sometimes but it is fairly straightforward.

I softened some finely diced shallot and celery in butter and olive oil and then added some diced cultivated mushrooms and allowed them to cook a bit before adding a glass of white wine, stirring while it was absorbed by the rice and then adding chicken stock gradually and allowing the rice to absorb it and then adding more stock until the rice was cooked. It needs to be soft but with a slight amount of bite to it.

I added grated pecorino cheese and stirred it in, leaving the risotto to rest while I cooked the fish.

I heated a black iron pan until smoking hot and added olive oil. When this was hot, I added the fish, skin side down and let it fry for a minute of two without moving it.

This allowed the skin to colour and crisp up. Then I added a knob of butter and flipped the fillets over, cooking them for about 30-45 seconds more.

When I plated up I drizzled some lovely green extra virgin olive oil over the fish and the risotto, and that was it.

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