Linguine with chicken livers, mushrooms and rocket

This was a quick evening meal last week.

I love chicken livers, so long as they aren’t cooked for too long they have a lovely melting quality, and they go really nicely with pasta and mushrooms.

They need a little bit of preparation, mainly some trimming to get rid of the connective tissue and any tubes and discoloured bits, and that is it.

They are best seasoned and sautéed in some butter and olive oil so that the outsides are cooked but the insides are still slightly pink.

At this point, you could liquidise them and make a chicken liver paté, with some other ingredients, but for this dish, you just set them aside and then cook a chopped shallot, some crushed garlic and a few sliced mushrooms in the same oil and butter and cook the pasta of your choice.

When the pasta is done, drain it and finish off the livers by returning them to the pan with the mushrooms and adding a splash of sherry of Marsala and a splash of cream, stirring to make a bit of a sauce.

Then add the pasta to the pan with a nice handful of rocket, which will wilt in the heat.

Taste, adjust the seasoning and serve with lots of grated pecorino or Parmesan cheese.

A meal in about 15-20 minutes, including preparation time.


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