Chicken ballotine with courgettes and sweet potato

The chicken was breasts, battered out with a mallet and smeared with tapenade. These were then rolled in cling film to form sausage shapes and poached for about 10-12 minutes in boiling water.

Once cooled they were sautéed in butter and sliced into three pieces.

The sweet potatoes were smeared with olive oil and roasted in a 180C/Mark 6 oven until soft and golden and the courgettes were simply sautéed in olive oil.

The sauce was made by frying some red peppers with a diced shallot, crushed garlic, some parsley stems and a dried chipotle pepper.

This was then simmered with chicken stock until the vegetables were soft and then blitzed to a smooth purée.

The sauce was finished off by being seasoned and then simmered in a saucepan with some crème fraiche.

The dish was garnished with some parsley once plated up.


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