Falling back on favourites (again)

There is always a bit of a problem with constantly trying to cook different things, new recipes or alternative cuisines and that problem is that I find I am often doing new dishes just to avoid things that I like to eat, like a good rare steak

I don’t eat steak that often though, probably less that once a month, but when I do eat steak, I know what I want – and I want simple.

It needs to be good meat though, you really need to get your steak from a butcher you trust and I am lucky that I have Murray’s of Gloucester Rd within 10 minutes walk.

This sirloin was lovely and tender, the meat a darker colour than the standard supermarket steak and really only needed to be rubbed with olive oil and some black pepper and then griddled for about two minutes on each side and then left to rest for five minutes, while I finished off the already blanched cubes of potato.

The tomato salad was simplicity itself; some yellow and red baby plum tomatoes roughly chopped and mixed into some olive oil, fresh thyme leaves, sherry vinegar and salt and pepper.


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