Black pudding with caramelised apples

This was something I put together based on the classic French boudin noir aux pommes.

What I wanted was a dish that would work as a light evening meal, the French original usually being served as a starter or for lunch, I think.

I used Egremont Russet apples, sautéed in butter, the pan deglazed with cider vinegar and then flambéed with Calvados and a nice piece of black pudding, which was cut into bite-sized pieces and sautéed in bacon fat with a little knob of butter.

The salad was made with Little Gem lettuce, cucumber and small tomatoes, with a cider vinegar and olive oil dressing, finished off with some crisp unsmoked bacon lardons.

To add some bulk to the dish, I served it with a toasted slice of sourdough bread.

Without the apples on the plate, I think that you could serve a poached egg with the salad. The yolk would be lovely oozing over the fresh leaves and sharp dressing.


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