Mexican food – courtesy of Thomasina Miers

Well, courtesy of Thomasina Miers excellent book, Mexican Food Made Simple actually.

I made guacamole, using her recipe, and red rice, which I served with sliced griddled rare rump steak and her pickled pink onions.

The onions are so simple.

You soak some thinly-sliced red onions in boiling water for 10 minutes, drain them and season them with salt and pepper and then marinate them in orange and lime juice and finely chopped habanero chill for a few hours.

The red rice recipe in her book uses Basmati rice, but I prefer ordinary easy cook long grain rice.

The red colour comes from tomatoes and tomato purée and the dish also contains peas and carrots. It is delicious and the colour makes a lovely contrast to the pale green guacamole.

You can make the rice ahead of time, because the recipe calls for it to be kept hot in the oven.


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