Turkey escalopes with asparagus, spinach and potatoes

Hardly a recipe required here but a nice easy and relatively quick midweek dinner.

Some plain new potatoes, poached asparagus and steamed spinach make good accompaniments to some small escalopes of turkey breast fillet, coated in flour, egg and panko crumbs and deep-fried until golden and crisp – about four minutes in oil at 180C.

You could do all kinds of accompaniments to escalopes like these; pasta and pesto would work, or pasta with a tomato sauce.

You could also serve them with potato croquettes and a cheese and mustard sauce, or a mushroom and cream sauce.

They are also nice cold, in a baguette with crisp lettuce and some mayonnaise or tartare sauce.

Turkey breast meat is lean and cheap and is ideal for cooking in this way, because the crumb coating kelps to keep the meat moist and the quick cooking stops it drying out as well.


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