Cod loin with Puy lentils and chorizo

I really like Puy lentils, they have a lovely earthy flavour and like most pulses and legumes they absorb flavours really well.

The lentils were cooked in unsalted water until tender but still firm and then drained and set aside.

I sautéed a chopped red onion and a finely diced courgette in olive oil and added in some sliced chorizo. I used the cured chorizo that you can use in sandwiches, but the cooking variety would work equally well.

I added the lentils to the pan and adjusted the seasoning, letting them warm through while I fried the skinned and boneless cod loin fillet in olive oil until it was just cooked.

To finish the lentils off, I added a vinaigrette made with olive oil and sherry vinegar and stirred in lots of chopped flat-leaf parsley.

I suppose you could have some fried potatoes but it doesn’t really need it, although a dollop of aioli would be nice.


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