Roast duck with orange sauce

I love roast duck, but it isn’t something I want to eat frequently because it is rich meat.

It is so rich that it needs something to balance the richness and citrus does that brilliantly.

Roasting a duck will produce a lot of fat and that is good because potatoes roasted in duck fat are just gorgeous.

To prepare the duck, stab it all over with a fork and rub salt into the skin.

Roast the bird in a Gas Mark 6/180C oven for about two hours on a rack, pouring off the duck fat as it accumulates.

Roast par-boiled potatoes in the fat until they are golden.

I like a roast duck to be well done, even the breast. The fat stops it from drying out and you get lots of lovely crisp skin.

The sauce I made was based on a light stock made from the bird’s giblets, strained and warmed through with orange and lime juice, a splash of Grand Marnier and some orange zest, thickened slightly with a little cornflour paste. You could use beurre maniĆ© but there is enough fat already without adding more butter.

The accompaniments can be anything green, kale would be OK, or green beans but I used mangetout.

The ideal wine here is a Bordeaux red, in my opinion.


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