Indian-spiced roast chicken

Basically this is just a variation on roast chicken, but it owes something to trying to cook tandoori chicken. Jamie Oliver also did something similar on his recent British food series on TV.

You make a paste with crushed ginger and garlic, powdered cumin, coriander, turmeric, cardamom, Kashmiri chilli powder, salt and black pepper with sunflower oil.

Then you stab the chicken all over with a knife and rub the paste into the bird.

Wrap it in foil and leave for a couple of hours.

Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 6/180C and roast the wrapped chicken for an hour and then open the foil and roast the chicken for about another 45 minutes to an hour.

You can serve this with rice and maybe some curried vegetables, salad and flatbreads, panchporan potatoes or anything else you think will work.

We had salad and panchporan potatoes.

I made the potatoes by parboiling some floury potatoes and draining them. Then I heated up some oil and added in a couple of teaspoons of panchporan mix and a few dried red chillies.

Then I fried the potaoes on gentle heat with turmeric and salt until they were crisp and golden.


3 thoughts on “Indian-spiced roast chicken

    • It is a mild spicing really. The longer you leave it before you cook it, the more it permeates, it also helps if you push the paste into the holes you make when you stab the bird all over.

      If you use pieces of chicken, you will get a stronger flavour.

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