More fishing exploits

Well, since deciding that I really ought to get back to fishing, I’ve been going each weekend.

I had a good session yesterday, despite the occasional freezing cold showers and an increasingly chilly wind.

This 9lb common carp was my best fish, caught on hair-rigged luncheon meat, as were most of the fish I had yesterday.

I had seven carp in total, this was the largest. I also had a nice mirror just under 9lb, three more fish around the 6-7lb mark and two smaller ones of around 5lb apiece.

Two fish were caught on hair-rigged drilled Red Robin pellets on my recently acquired Kevin Nash Hooligun (thank you eBay!), using my Wychwood Freespin 50 reel and a buzzer alarm, but all the others were caught on my lovely Wychwood Signature 1.5 lb TC barbel rod, a rod with a lovely through action and a lot of power in reserve that makes playing fish of this weight huge fun, and my Abu Cardinal 106i reel (as seen in the picture above), just watching the tip for bites.

I used 8lb line on both rods, with a hooklength of around the same breaking strain.

I used simple running leger links, with a clip swivel and a shock bead, I don’t like fixed rigs, and these are rightly banned in many places, and the takes were pretty positive.

I was using the feeder with the meat bait, filled with a hemp and crumb groundbait with soaked feed pellets and little pieces of meat added in and a plain bomb on the other rod with pellets as bait.

I also caught a skimmer bream of about 6oz on the meat rig, amazingly it got the cube of meat into its mouth!

I think that both rigs worked well, but there is always room to try other things.

Corn worked for me the previous week and I think that overall, meat and corn are getting me the better fish. I had an 11lb mirror carp on hair-rigged corn at the end of last week’s session, on my Drennan quiver tip rod and free running bomb. That was an exciting fish, because I was fishing lighter and wasn’t expecting anything that large. The other carp I had then were smaller, four between 2 and 5lb


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