Some days, you have to work hard for your fish

But a nice fish like this makes it all worthwhile.

I was fishing with two carp rods yesterday, with freespool reels and buzzer bite alarms instead of my usual setup of one rod on the buzzer and one feeder rod.

I’d expected to get fish almost immediately, but apart from one run which ended up with the fish shedding the hook, I didn’t catch at all for the first three or four hours. Mind you, no one else was catching much either, apart from small stuff and the occasional bonus carp.

I tried a lot of different baits and fiddled around with my rigs but nothing seemed to work. I tried tutti frutti 15mm boilies, Red Robin mini boilies, Red Robin popups, pineapple dumbbells, halibut pellets, Red Robin pellets and various hooklengths and hook sizes. I was baiting with PVA mesh bags or stringers.

The thing that seemed to work in the end was 8mm halibut pellets on a longish hair and after noon, I started to catch fish, ending up with 12 fish in the end. I had two around 10lb, a couple of 8 or 9lb fish and the rest around the 5-6lb mark.

I noticed that some fish had missing scales and/or damaged fins. This is down to people putting the carp in keepnets or not using unhooking mats. This is not good and people really should look after the fish they catch and treat them with a bit of care.


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