Giving roast chicken a Spanish twist

Although I love roast chicken, even I get occasionally bored with the standard roast chook. So, this Sunday’s roast chicken has a bit of a Spanish twist, being flavoured with garlic and smoked pimenton.

Also, I roasted the potatoes around the chicken, cut into pieces but skin on, with some roughly chopped onions and chunks of aubergine, so that they would also become infused with the lovely pimento-flavoured juices.

To accompany this, I cooked some small chantonnay carrots in water, finishing them off with a little butter and also fried some shredded pointed cabbage with sliced chorizo. The lovely pimenton-infused juices from the roasting dish were too good to waste, so I drizzled them over the dish instead of making a sauce or gravy.

The wine for this just has to be Spanish, a 2006 Viña Pomal Reserva Rioja from Majestic. The link is for the 2007 wine which I haven’t tried yet, but the 2006 is excellent, an absolutely classic 100% Tempranillo, cask-aged Rioja


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