Some days, catching something is special

It is always good to catch fish, that is the reason, after all, why we go, but some days it is more important than others.

Yesterday was doubly important to actually catch something.

Firstly, I had a new rod that I need to get into action and I hate the idea of having a rod that hasn’t caught a fish.

The rod in question is a TF Gear Banshee 13′ float rod that I got as a gift for subscribing to the excellent Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazine. It is a nice rod, slim and light but with a lot of backbone for modern-day commercial carp fishing.

Anyway, I’d taken it out before but not used it and yesterday was perfect for float fishing in the margins.

I set up the rod with a small waggler on 6lb line, using a Mitchell Avocet Gold III reel (a lovely reel for float fishing, I think), and a size 12 hook on a 5lb hooklength, initially fishing with corn at around 3ft depth. I had a lot of bites from nuisance fish, small skimmers which was what I’d expected when I caught a couple and one mirror carp of around 5-6lb. The nuisance bites were annoying so I switched to cubes of luncheon meat and that sorted things out when my float plunged away and I connected with the beauty in the picture. I went on to get another one, a common around the 6lb mark, on meat later on.

So, job done and rod christened.

The most important thing yesterday was making sure that my friend Paul, a.k.a The Paultergeist, caught something because it was his first visit to the lake and I’d set him up with a feeder rod and told him that he’d definitely catch a carp.

As things turned out, he caught two! Which was excellent. He even brought lunch, a nice ciabatta, some Taleggio, Bel Paese, mortadella, Parma ham, sun-dried tomatoes and rocket, so for a change I had a nice bankside lunch.

Paul’s fish were the high spot though.


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