Courgette and feta fritters

This is a lovely Summery dish.

You grate courgettes into a colander, about one large one per person, and salt them. Put a side plate on top of them and keep on pushing down to press the water out from them. You need to leave them for around 30-45 minutes to give the salt a chance to draw out the water.

Then you put them in a large mixing bowl with a crumbled block of feta cheese and add enough flour to make a thick paste with a couple of beaten eggs. Then add in chopped herbs, I like dill and parsley, a finely chopped chilli, salt and pepper.

Next heat up your oil in a deep pan, a wok or a deep-fat fryer to 180C.

Then, using a table spoon, take balls of the mixture and drop them carefully into the hot oil in batches of five or six. Don’t crowd the pan, because you need room to turn them.

When they are done, remove them with a slotted spoon and drain them on kitchen paper while you cook the rest.

They are lovely with salad and a chilli sauce or a thinned yoghurt and tahini sauce, a tzatziki-type sauce or in a wrap with some salad.

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