Lacock – 18th June 2012

On Sunday I’d been on a carp lake and had a great day, finishing off with 26 carp to 8lb, and some smaller fish, including a 2lb roach/bream hybrid that at first I’d thought was a 2lb roach. I finished up with around 150lb of fish, a great haul!

Anyway, I had already decided that I wanted to get back onto the river once the close season was over and I felt that Lacock was the ideal place. I travelled relatively lightly, only two rods, one of my Wychwood barbel rods and my Drennan float rod and took sweetcorn and luncheon meat as bait. This may have been a mistake because I am sure that if I had taken some maggots I might have caught a few more fish, at the expense of them being small ones.

Anyway, I took a roving approach and started off in the Abbey field, reacquainting myself with the suicidal nature of some of the banks on the Bristol Avon. After losing two sets of terminal tackle on snags and almost slipping in for the second time in about an hour, discretion took the better part of valour and I headed off over the bridge and downstream, where there are a few more level swims.

Because of all the rain we’ve been having, the river was really pushing through pretty fast and the water was boiling and swirling around below me in the second swim I chose, one that screamed FISH to me but which was very weedy and snaggy and needed a 2oz flat carp bomb to hold bottom. I had one massive knock which I connected with and the fish shot off downstream. I assume it was a barbel but I never actually saw it and it managed to shed the hook in a huge mass of submerged weed. I count myself lucky to get all my terminal tackle back, minus the actual hook!

Anyway, that was that for that swim and I moved again, finding a nice long glide where I’d fished a couple of times before. Again, the river was pretty fast, but it was possible to trot an Avon float through, with sweetcorn as bait.

In my third run through, the float went right under about 10 yards downstream and I struck, trapping the line agaist the spool and flipping the bail arm. Game on! The rod tip bent over quite nicely and I was int a fish. It became apparent that it wasn’t going to be a PB, but the 1-1.5lb chub I netted less than a minute later at least meant I wasn’t going to blank. It would have been nice to get a few more of these, but it wasn’t to be.

I carried on trotting, loose feeding corn but catching the first one seemed to have spooked any other chub and that was that again. I moved again, going slightly back upstream and was trotting my float past a likely looking tree when the float once again went under. Unfortunately this time it was yet another snag, which cost me another hook.

I tackled up again and had a few more trots through until I overdid my cast and the float ended up in a tree. I managed to get it freed up, but the line snapped above the float and I watched it bob off downstream.

I kind of lost interest at this point and, feeling tired from my exertions with all the carp the previous day, I decided to call a halt and pack up. I’ll be back though, when the river isn’t running through so fast and with a couple of pints of maggots and casters. Maybe I will get some roach and chub on the float?


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