An attempt at a Turkish-style roast lamb dish

I really like Turkish food, it has loads of flavour and involves a lot of things I love, like lamb, grilled meats, flatbreads, pickled hot peppers, hummous, yoghurt and rice.

So, yesterday I went to the local Turkish shop and bought some of those spicy sausages that often turn up chargrilled in Turkish restaurants, some hummous, lavash breads and pickled green chillies.

I also bought a small fillet end of a leg of lamb from the butcher. This was marinated in olive oil, salt, pepper, Aleppo pepper flakes, ground cumin and ground allspice and roasted in a hot oven.

The sausages were sliced thickly and grilled on my cast-iron griddle and I made some cacik with yoghurt, grated cucumber and mint.

I also cooked some Egyptian rice, which looks a bit like sushi rice in shape, and made a tomato salad.

I served everything together; lamb, sausages, rice, hummous, cacik, salad, some olives and pickled chillies, together with the warm breads, so that the meal was a lovely mixtures of all the flavours and textures.


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