Sausage and mash with Yorkshire puddings and onion gravy

Almost toad-in-the-hole, really. It says a lot for the weather we are having at the moment that this didn’t seem out of place as an evening meal to eat at the end of June!

I actually prefer cooking the sausages and the Yorkshire pudding batter separately, the fat from the sausages often makes the puddings soggy and a bit gloopy at the bottom.

This is basically comfort food rather than anything else, but that isn’t a bad thing.

You can use any kind of sausages for dishes like this, but i think that classic ones are better than some of the more exotic kinds you can buy nowadays. These had leeks in them, that is about as exotic as I think toad-in-the-hole needs, especially if you are going to serve onion gravy as well, and let’s face it, this is a dish that needs gravy.

I made individual Yorkshires in a muffin tin, these always turn out well, with a nice crisp golden crown and a hollow to trap the gravy.

A few green vegetables provide the illusion that this is a healthy meal, but we all know that this is about the comforting stodge, batter and sausage really.


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