Chicken with peppers and tomatoes in a cream, rosemary and basil sauce

This was my attempt to do one of those dishes that seem to crop up on most Italian restaurant menus.

I never know if they are authentic Italian cooking or not, but I suspect the latter.

Anyway, I mashed up some garlic, salt and rosemary in a pestle and mortar until I had a paste and sliced some red pepper into batons.

Then I halved some baby plum tomatoes and cut some skinned chicken breasts into small cubes.

I heated up some olive oil and quickly sautéed the peppers and tomatoes before adding the chicken and turning it over in the oil. Then I added the garlic and rosemary paste, some black pepper and a splash of white wine.

This was simmered for 15 minutes, until the chicken was cooked. Then I added some single cream and shredded basil leaves, stirred this in and added in some previously cooked fresh egg fusilli.

This was served with more black pepper and grated pecorino cheese.


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