Frying tonight!

This came about because of a discussion on a talkboard I belong to. The idea was originally about battering vegetarian sausages, but it kind of widened out into deep-frying other things.

My contribution was panko coated prawns and chicken goujons.

Here are the prawns and chicken pieces before cooking;

Nothing difficult here, just coat the items in seasoned flour, then beaten egg and finally the crumbs. Then you deep-fry them. Afterwards, they look like this;

To accompany the prawns and chicken I made an oriental-style salad or shredded Chinese leaves, shredded spring onions, beansprouts and cucumber batons, in a dressing of mirin, white rice vinegar and sugar and I served two dips; one was sweet chilli sauce from a bottle and the other was a mixture of light soy, dark soy and black rice vinegar.


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