Prawn cocktail

Retro food!

Actually a prawn cocktail is a joyous thing.

First, the Marie-Rose sauce, which is just mayonnaise (from a jar, not home-made), tomato ketchup, Worcester sauce and chilli sauce mixed together.

It is best if you get the colour right first by mixing the mayo and ketchup first and then adding the other two sauces carefully to get the right flavour.

The prawn cocktail itself is just some baby salad leaves (spinach, rocket, red oak leaf lettuce and lamb’s lettuce, cubed avocado and nice juicy cooked prawns.

You can use Little Gem or shredded Romaine, but I’d avoid the tasteless Iceberg myself.

On top of the Marie-Rose sauce, I sprinkled some Aleppo Pepper flakes, this is a kind of mild chilli that is popular in Turkish cooking.

And that’s it!

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