With green beans with chilli, spring onions and tomatoes, panchporan roast potatoes and mint sauce.

Another antidote to Christmas food.

The lamb was a half leg, stabbed all over and rubbed with a spice paste made from roasted and ground cumin seeds, green peppercorns, coriander seeds, cassia bark, cloves, Kashmiri chillies, bay leaves and green cardamom pods, blended with smoked garlic, sunflower oil, salt and onions.

This was left to marinate overnight and then roasted in a Gas Mark 6 oven for two hours or so, with the pan covered in foil for the first hour or so.

The potatoes were ordinary roasties but with panchporan whole spices added to the hot oil and the green beans were blanched and then fried with spring onions, fresh red chillies, kalonji seeds and halved baby plum tomatoes.

To accompany this, I served some ordinary mint sauce from a jar, because I love lamb with mint sauce.

All in all, a nice alternative to a standard Sunday roast.