Mexican-flavoured turkey mince pie

A.K.A “What on earth do you do with turkey mince?”

I occasionally buy turkey mince, but generally use it as a filler with a more interesting meat like pork.

You can make meatballs with it, but it is pretty bland and tasteless, tends to dryness and doesn’t have a great texture, unless you add a lot of other ingredients to make it interesting.

To be honest, turkey mince is pretty dull, which is why I decided to jazz it up with a lot of Mexican flavours.

I soaked some dried ancho, guajillo and chipotle chillies in boiling water for about half and hour and then whizzed them up with garlic, onion, fresh Scotch bonnet chilli, salt and pepper to make a paste.

In a pan, I heated some olive oil and fried some chopped chorizo slices until they were beginning to crisp up and then added the mince, stirring it until it lost the pinkness and then added in the paste, with a squeeze of tomato purée and continued to cook it for a few more minutes. Then I added a squeeze of honey and a glug of wine vinegar and allowed it all to cook until thick. Then I added in a handful of chopped coriander and let it cool.

I rolled out some bought puff pastry and added the meat mixture, rolling it up to make a kind of turkey mince Wellington.

Then I glazed the pastry and sprinkled sesame seeds over it and baked it for about 45 minutes in a hot oven.

As you can see, I served it with a salad and some pickled jalapeños.

It wasn’t bad, there was definitely flavour there, but the flavour wasn’t coming from the mince, which is still just something that needs a lot of seasoning and lubrication to make it interesting.


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