Chicken breasts baked with tomato passata and mozzarella

This was dead easy, but really tasty.

I covered the bottom of an oven-proof dish with tomato passata and placed two chicken breasts on top. This was seasoned with salt and pepper and then some sliced white mushrooms were placed over the top of each chicken breast.

Then I covered the chicken with more passata and then tore up a couple of balls of mozzarella and scattered them over the surface. This was then seasoned again and then covered in dried breadcrumbs and some grated Ossau Iraty cheese.

Finally, the dish was baked in a Gas Mark 6 oven for 45 minutes.

The sauce was lovely and thick from the cheese and breadcrumbs and had made sure that the chicken remained moist.

This made a nice simple dish for a Saturday evening with the addition of some green beans and Anya potatoes with a bit of butter melted over them.


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