Another delicious recipe from her latest book, “Every Grain Of Rice”.

I used cod fillet, from a sustainable source naturally, which I sliced into nice pieces and marinated in a batter made from cornflour (she uses potato flour, I must buy some), Shaoxing rice wine, salt, egg and oil.

This was then put to one side while I mixed up the ingredients for the sauce – caster sugar, light soy sauce, Chinkiang vinegar, salt,cornflour, and water (she uses stock).

The fish was fried in hot oil in the wok and set aside. Then, after pouring off most of the oil, I fried finely chopped ginger and garlic before adding the sauce mixture and cooking it until thickened, plus the addition of some finely chopped green parts of some spring onions.

The fish was piled up on a serving plate, the sauce poured over and the whole thing garnished with sliced red pepper and spring onions.

This was delicious and I shall try it again, but with chicken instead of fish, as my partner doesn’t eat fish.