Sweet and sour seafood with soba noodles

This was based on the Sweet and Sour Fish Tiles recipe that I blogged recently.

I used small queen scallops and raw king prawns which I marinated in a batter made from cornflour, Shaoxing rice wine, salt, egg and oil.

This was then put to one side while I mixed up the ingredients for the sauce, exactly the same as for the previous sweet and sour recipe – caster sugar, light soy sauce, Chinkiang vinegar, salt,cornflour, and water.

The seafood was fried in hot oil in the wok but instead of setting it aside I added chopped ginger, spring onion greens and garlic before adding the sauce mixture and cooking it until thickened. The sauce was lighter in colour that last time, but i think that this worked OK, and I added the shredded red chilli and white parts of the spring onion to the sauce while it was cooking.

The only accompaniment was some plain soba noodles, dressed with a little sesame oil.

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