I’d thought that I’d blogged this before, but it seems that I haven’t.

Clafoutis is basically a batter pudding with fruit in it. It is something that you find all over France but I think is mostly associated with the Auvergne and Southwest.

Ideally, you would use fresh cherries, but it is April so you aren’t really going to find any around, so I used bottled ones. These have to be drained.

You butter a shallow dish, I’ve used a china quiche dish, and dust it with flour. Then you scatter the cherries over the dish and add in a batter made from eggs, milk, flour, eau-de-vie (I used marc de Bourgogne), sugar and vanilla extract (or vanilla sugar). As for quantities, I work on the basis of 4 eggs, 4 heaped tablespoons of flour, 4 tablespoons of sugar and enough milk to make a batter with the texture you want, plus a tablespoon of alcohol.

Some clafoutis batters are very wet, which gives a nice wobbly pudding and others are more solid, giving a more solid, cakey version. Personally, I prefer the second for ease of serving.

You beat the eggs and add them to the flour and sugar, mixing in the liquid until you have a smooth batter which you pour into the dish and cook, and that is it.

You cook it in a 170-180C oven until the top is golden and let it cool. It is best served warm, with cream. Clafoutis isn’t a smart dish, it is a nice rustic sort of thing, and to my way of thinking, all the better for that.

Easy and delicious.


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