So, we have finally moved house and I have a brand new kitchen. It is a huge improvement over our previous kitchen and I have taken the opportunity to spend money on lots of new shelves so that my pots and pans are readily accessible.

We have also bought a huge new fridge/freezer, which is an absolute joy.

Finally, after ten years, I now have a separate gas hob and electric fan oven again. Brilliant!

I’ve been cooking quite simple things recently, because we are waiting for a plumber to come and plumb-in our dishwasher and I don’t feel like creating huge amounts of washing up, so here are a few photos of the things we have been eating.

Veal meatballs with tagliatelle

Pancetta-wrapped chicken breasts with tarragon mushroom sauce

Roast chicken with salad

Roasted chicken pieces with roasted vine tomatoes and green beans

Roast belly pork with asparagus