Chinese food influenced by Fuchsia Dunlop

Well, these dishes are not actual Fuchsia Dunlop recipes but are very much influenced by the recipes in her book “Every Grain Of Rice”.

The chicken was breast meat, marinated in a paste made from rice wine, cornflour, light soy sauce, sugar and a little salt. It was fried in a hot wok with some sunflower oil and then I added chopped garlic, ginger and the white parts of some spring onions and fried for a bit more. Then I added a tablespoon of chilli bean paste, some rinsed black beans and some sliced red and green pepper and cooked this for a few more minutes before adding some water and reducing the heat until the chicken was cooked.

It was garnished with the finely-chooped green parts of the sprint onions.

The beansprouts and choi sum were blanched in boiling water and drained. They were then added to a wok with hot oil that had been seasoned with a few fried Szechuan chillies and some Szechuan peppercorns.

To this I added some Chingkiang black vinegar, some thinly-sliced red and green peppers and a splash of sesame oil.

These dishes were served with plain fragrant rice.

All in all, a pretty successful meal that showed how you can use the principles of a style of cooking to create your own dishes that are in the spirit of the originals.


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