Spatchcocked chicken, potatoes, gratin, Sunday dinner

I think that I’ve said before that roast chicken is my favourite meal and I know that it is definitely the Sunday meal I cook the most frequently.

However, the basic roast does get a bit repetitive so I like to ring the changes.

This wasn’t a proper spatchcocked bird, because I split it along the backbone instead of along the breastbone. I did this because sometimes the breast seems to dry out when the meat is on the outer edge of the flattened bird.

Anyway, I roasted it with olive oil, the skin side sprinkled with Aleppo pepper flakes, salt, pepper and dried thyme, with chunks of potato under the chicken, which was on a rack.

This was served with a gratin of aubergine and courgettes in a rich tomato sauce, topped with grated Manchego cheese.

I prepared the dish by coating the sliced vegetables in flour and frying them in olive oil. This helps ensure that the texture of the aubergine is soft and creamy and the courgettes are also soft. The sauce was made in the same oil, with chopped garlic and shallots and a carton of chopped tomatoes, herbes de Provence and chopped parsley, with salt and pepper to taste.

A simple enough Sunday meal, but deeply satisfying and full of Summery Mediterranean flavours.


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