Thai-influenced beef salad

This was lunch. One of the benefits of working at home is the chance to actually make something fresh to eat.

This used cold rare roast beef from Sunday as the protein part of this Thai-flavoured salad.

The vegetable part was shredded lettuce, cucumber, sliced radishes, baby tomatoes, red and orange peppers and beansprouts. There were also a few slices of cold new potatoes, also left over from Sunday. This was garnished with chopped fresh coriander and tossed together with the beef.

The Thai part was the dressing, which was made from lime juice, sugar, nam pla and chopped red bird’s eye chillies, which were actually pretty hot.

You could use any cold meat in this, I think. Rare sliced duck breast or cold poached chicken would be nice, or prawns would be good too.

Anyway, it was quick and tasty, if somewhat chilli hot.


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