Chinese barbecued ribs with stir-fried lettuce

Barbecued ribs are one of those dishes that I am always trying to perfect, because my partner loves ribs. I have tried them in a Tex-Mex style, with brown sugar, tomato ketchup, chipotle sauce and other American-type flavours, which is OK but I am always trying to get the Chinese version right.

These were pretty close, I think.

The ribs were marinated for a whole day in a mixture of dark and light soy sauce, hoisin sauce, Shaoxing rice wine, Chinkiang rice vinegar, honey and sriracha chilli sauce, turning them over and over to ensure a nice even coating.

They were then roasted with the marinade in a 180C oven for about an hour and a half with a little sunflower oil.

When they were almost done, I poured off the marinade and thickened it in a saucepan with some cornflour paste, to make a glossy sauce.

To serve with the ribs, I cooked some plain rice and stir-fried some romaine lettuce.

Stir-fried lettuce is really nice. I first sizzled some chopped garlic, ginger, spring onions and fresh red chilli in oil before adding the thickly-shredded lettuce and frying it for about two minutes.When it began to wilt, I added light soy sauce and a drizzle of toasted sesame oil and served it immediately.

All in all, a nice dish.


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