The Kennet and Avon canal at Bathampton

I last fished on the Kennet and Avon in early summer last year. At that time, I’d been fishing for carp a lot and the smaller fish didn’t really excite me much. However, I’ve been reading old fishing books a bit recently, particularly Fred J Taylor’s “Angling In Earnest” and I liked the idea of going out and using the traditional baits like maggots, casters, worms and bread to target the natural species, rather than the commercially-reared carp of the lakes.

So, it was back to the canal on a lovely sunny early autumn day for a most enjoyable session.

I didn’t catch any monsters but I did have a respectable net of roach, perch and skimmer bream to show for my relaxing day’s fishing. I caught fish on all the baits I took, which was encouraging and the fish were all in excellent condition.

My best fish was an eel of around 2lb which put up a fair fight.

I am thinking that I’ll spend more time on the canal this year and buy a Bathampton AA season ticket for 2014 and head off along the Avon at Claverton as well, to see if I can get a few chub and barbel,

The canal is also a good spot to try and target a few pike and bigger perch on lures, so, when it gets colder, I’ll be giving that a go too.

2 thoughts on “The Kennet and Avon canal at Bathampton

  1. My delight in that stretch, Carole, is the kingfishers – I leave catching fish to them, but they are a joy to watch….

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