Jamaican curry lamb

Jamaican curry lamb

I suppose it really should be curry goat (note: NOT goat curry), however I didn’t have any goat meat but I did have lamb neck fillet.

Curry arrived in the West Indies with the indentured workers from the Indian sub-continent in the 19th century who replaced slaves, after slavery was abolished within the British Empire.

The main difference between Indian curries and Jamaican ones is the blend of spices used. Jamaican curry powder typically contains allspice, which is not used in India and tends to avoid spices like cardamom, which are commonly used in Indian masala blends. You can make your own Jamaican curry powder but there are several good commercial blends available. I like Tex’s, which is widely available in many West Indian shops.

The actual curry is pretty easy to make.

I used cubed lamb neck fillet, but shoulder or leg works well too. The dish also contains cubed potatoes, onions, garlic and tomatoes, along with scotch bonnet chillies.

I fried the chopped onions and garlic in sunflower oil until softened and then added in two tablespoons of curry powder and a tablespoon of flour, stirring this in well. They I added the meat, potatoes and tomatoes, together with some salt (the curry powder contains some too), black pepper and the finely-chopped scotch bonnet chilli, stirring well so that everything in mixed together and coated in the spices.

Then, I added sufficient boiled water to allow the meat to cook and make a nice sauce (the flour helps thicken this.

The curry cooked on a low gas for around an hour and a half, so that the meat was tender and the sauce thickened. I added in a small carton of coconut cream towards the end of the cooking time. It helped the texture of the sauce and gave a nice flavour too.

As with an Indian curry, you serve it with rice, or maybe you could do Jamaican Rice and Peas.


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