Chicken breasts in a sherry, cream and mushroom sauce

Chicken cooked with wine and cream is something of a classic combination and there are all sorts of variations, using vin jaune, for example.

I used some dryish pale amontillado sherry for this dish and very nice it was too.

The skinned and boneless chicken breasts were coloured in some melted butter and then set aside while I softened a finely chopped shallot and crushed garlic in the same butter. Then I added some lardons of pancetta, and some washed and dried button mushrooms and sautéed them until they began to colour. The pan was then deglazed with the sherry and some chicken stock and the chicken returned to the pan with some chopped tomatoes and seasoned with salt and pepper.

This was simmered, covered, for about 15 minutes more so that the chicken was cooked through.

The dish was finished with some cream and chopped parsley and served with plain white rice.

Quick, simple and tasty.


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