Coeur à la crème

Coeur à la crème is an old-fashioned French dessert. The classic version is made with unsalted cream cheese, whipped egg whites and caster sugar, beaten together and then put into a special mould with a perforated bottom, which you line with cheesecloth and then leave in the fridge so that the liquid can drain out into a dish.

Once the coeur has set, usually the next day, it can be unwrapped and unmoulded.

The coeur in the mould wrapped in cheesecloth

The coeur unwrapped

The coeur unmoulded

My version is slightly different from the classic, but equally delicious. I used a tub of double cream, a drained tub of Faisselle de Rians fromage frais and four tablespoons of vanilla caster sugar. These were whipped together with a fork and then packed into the cheesecloth-lined mould. This was then placed into a larger shallow bowl, covered with clingfilm and refrigerated overnight. The following day, a lot of milky-coloured why had drained away, which is exactly what you want. This means that the coeur is now firm and can be unmoulded.

I’ve had the mould for ages, at least 16 or 17 years and I bought it in France, because I couldn’t find them for sale in the UK when I started looking. Of course, nowadays you can find them online in a variety of sizes.

Coeur à la crème with strawberries and strawberry coulis

Anyway, I served the coeur with some strawberries and a strawberry and crème de cassis coulis, which was made by liquidising several strawberries with a small glass of cassis and then sieved and put into a squeezy bottle.


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