Dirty fried chicken

Well, not quite, because this is my version that doesn’t involve a furtive trip to a dirty fried chicken outlet.

I had a load of free range chicken thighs and drumsticks that I poached in water with some bay leaves, black peppercorns, salt, three dried red chillies and a dried chipotle chilli for about 20 minutes. Then, I left them to cool down a bit in the water and then removed them to a plate.

When the chicken was cool to the touch, I skinned it and dried it.

I made a spicy crust mix using panko crumbs, polenta, some plain white dried breadcrumbs, a teaspoon each of dulce sweet and piccante pimenton, a teaspoon of dried epazote and a teaspoon of recado de achiote powder. You used to be able to buy this last spice from the Cool Chile Co, but they only seem to sell it as a paste now. It is made from ground annatto seeds, garlic powder, cumin, salt, allspice, Mexican oregano and maize flour. Anyway, it gives a nice orange/yellow ochre colour to food.

I floured and egged the chicken pieces and then coated them in the crumb coating and set this aside to firm up.

I heated some oil in a pan and fried the chicken pieces in batches so that they crisped up and the crust was golden, and then kept them warm in a pre-heated oven until the chips were ready.

We had the chicken and chips with some sour cream and chive dip and a piri piri and tomato salsa.


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