Sheftalia are a kind of sausage really, but they are made using caul fat rather than a sausage casing made from the intestines.

Caul fat is the lacy fat that comes from pigs and sheep and which is found around their internal organs.

You can buy it from a good butcher and might need soaking in vinegared water, but mine was fine as it was.

The filling for sheftalia can be pork, lamb or beef, but I think that pork is best.

I mixed 500g minced pork with two small chopped red onions, a handful of chopped parsley, salt, black pepper and a flat teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

Then, I made small sausage shapes with the filling and wrapped these in small squares of caul fat.

The fat holds everything together and sticks to itself.

The quantities I used gave me enough for 15 sheftalia and they don’t really take very long to make at all. At this stage, you could freeze them to be used at a future date.

Ideally you would cook the sheftalia over hot charcoal on a barbecue for a smoky flavour but I used a hot ridged griddle on the hob. The caul fat lubricates the meat and prevents the little sausages from sticking to the pan. You need to turn them during the cooking process so that they colour evenly.

I served the cooked sheftalia on a bed of shredded lettuce and white cabbage dressed with olive oil, sliced tomatoes and lemon wedges. They were garnished with more chopped red onion and parsley.


To accompany this, there were warm pitta breads, hummous and tzatziki.


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