Chicken breast with duxelles stuffing

I wanted to use up the caul fat left over from making sheftalia last weekend, so I decided to use it as a wrapper for roasted chicken breasts.

Chicken breasts generally don’t roast very well, they dry out, so we usually find ways of adding extra fat to lubricate the meat, and use stuffings to keep the insides moist.

The classic stuffing for chicken, in my opinion is a duxelles mixture. This is made by slowly frying finely diced shallots, mushrooms and herbs in butter, to reduce the amount of liquid and to concentrate the flavours. My duxelles mixture used chestnut mushrooms, parsley and shallots, with the addition of crushed garlic, salt, pepper and a small quantity of Rabelais spice mixture.

When this was cooled, I used it to stuff trimmed and opened out chicken breasts, which I then wrapped in caul fat, to make a tight package.

These were roasted for about 30 minutes in the oven at 180C and then left to rest while I made a sauce with the pan juices, some white wine and single cream.

The chicken was really moist, but cooked all the way through, and the stuffing remained inside the meat. The effect was pretty nice to look at and tasted really good, with a lovely pronounced mushroom flavour.


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