Now it is definitely summer, summer food is required. Grilled meats and salads are much more palatable than roasts and slow-cooked dishes. Mediterranean, North African and Middle Eastern flavours and colours seem so much more appealing.

These brochettes were simple enough to do. The lamb ones were made with lamb neck fillet marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, salt, dried thyme and Aleppo pepper flakes and the chicken ones were marinated in rose harissa paste, tomato ketchup and lemon juice.

As you can see, both meats were threaded onto skewers with pieces of red, yellow and green peppers and cooked on a plancha.

They were served with a simple couscous salad. The couscous was soaked in boiling water until fluffy and flavoured with olive oil, lemon juice, chopped mint, golden sultanas and a variety of different types of tomatoes.