Seafood with choi sum and noodles

It’s been a while since I posted anything, must try harder!

This dish is based on something I saw on the telly, on a Hairy Bikers in Hong Kong programme.

Theirs was a bit different, so I am happy to claim this as my own.

It has the following ingredients. Note that you can use fresh or frozen seafood, but make sure that if you use frozen it is properly defrosted. Chinese supermarkets are great for frozen seafood.

1 quite large cleaned squid body, scored on the inside in a diamond pattern and cut into pieces
6 or 7 small scallops
12 king prawns, shelled, cut along the back and cleaned
1 pack of fresh Shanghai noodles
1 smallish bunch of choi sum
1 small red pepper cut into strips
1 large chopped clove of garlic
a piece of ginger about as big as the top joint of your thumb, cut into julienne
3 or 4 spring onions cut into small sections on the bias
1 tablespoon of Shaoxing rice wine
1 tablespoon of light soy sauce
1 teaspoon of Thai fish sauce
2 tablespoons of oyster sauce
1 tablespoon of chilli bean paste
3 teaspoons of potato flour mixed with water into a thin paste
a tablespoon or two of sesame oil
groundnut or sunflower oil for cooking

First prepare the seafood and set aside. Then, cut the stalks of the choi sum into pieces about an inch long and blanch in boiling water and drain. Wash the leaves and set aside. Cook the fresh noodles for a couple of minutes, drain and dress them with the sesame oil.

Heat a wok on a high heat until smoking and add some cooking oil. When this is very hot add the squid and stir-fry until the pieces roll up into tubes. Remove and set aside. Wipe the wok clean, carefully, and reheat and add more oil.

Keeping the heat high, stir-fry the garlic, ginger and spring onions for about 30 seconds and add the choi sum stalks and fry for a further 30 seconds. Add the prawns and fry until they begin to turn pink. Then add the scallops. They won’t take long to cook through.

Then add all the liquid items and stir-fry until mixed together. Return the squid pieces to the wok with the choi sum leaves, the shreds of red pepper and the noodles and carry on cooking until the leaves are wilted and everything is cooked through and hot. Add the potato flour paste, which will thicken the sauce very quickly and serve immediately.


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