Lamb boulangère with petits pois à la française and mogettes in tomato sauce

I’ve written about this dish before, but it is such a lovely thing to eat that it is worth another post. The lamb is slowly roasted in a covered pot on top of potatoes and stock. It is simple and represents classic French food from the past, back in the days when few people had ovens and they took their Sunday lunch food to the local boulangerie to be cooked in the oven once all the bread had been baked.

It needs to be cooked slowly in a low oven, I did this for four hours at 150C and it was wonderfully tender once it was served.

The potatoes were layered with sliced leeks, puréed garlic and rosemary and the liquid was vegetable stock. More garlic was smeared over the lamb and it was all liberally seasoned with salt and pepper.

I served the lamb and potatoes with some petits pois à la française, braised with lettuce in some of the stock from the lamb pot and mogettes cooked with softened shallots, diced carrots and tomato passata. Mogettes are a variety of white haricot bean from the Vendée region of western France. I soaked them for 24 hours and then cooked them for about an hour in unsalted water until they were soft.


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