Salsiccia al finocchio

Otherwise known as Italian pork sausage with fennel seeds.

There is a Bristol butcher’s shop called Paeckert in Cheltenham Rd, well-known for excellent sausages. I bought some Italian pork and fennel sausage (it comes as a continuous coiled piece like a traditional Cumberland sausage) and roasted it in some olive oil until the sausage was cooked through. I cut this into pieces and set it aside while I made a simple garlic and tomato sauce, seasoned with a little salt and pepper and some dried red chilli. To this I added the sausage, and while this was heating through, I cooked some potato gnocchi. When these were done (they take about a minute or so), I added them to the pan with some torn Basil leaves.

This needed nothing else apart from some freshly-grated Parmesan cheese and a bottle of Italian red wine for a lovely Italian comfort food supper.

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