Cannon of lamb with curried vegetables and a curry sauce

I wanted to try something that was in the same vein as the more upmarket Indian dishes that we see on television from chefs like Cyrus Todiwala and Atul Kochar, not that I am claiming the same levels of skill as they have.

Anyway, I used cannon of lamb, which I seared in sunflower oil and then put in a 180C oven for 15 minutes, while I cooked some basmati rice.

I had previously made a sauce and cooked a vegetable side dish, as follows.

The sauce.

I fried some cumin seeds in hot sunflower oil in a saucepan before adding a chopped piece of ginger, some crushed garlic, a seeded green chilli, a diced onion, a bay leaf and some sprigs of mint. When these were softened, I added a teaspoon each of turmeric, cumin and coriander, a heaped tablespoon each of red lentils and white urad dhal and some hot water and simmered this for about half an hour until the pulses were cooked.

I removed the bay and mint and then liquidised the contents of the saucepan, added some salt and pepper and mixed in some lemon juice. Later, when I reheated this, I stirred in a nice glug of single cream.

The vegetables.

I blanched some diced potato and carrot with some frozen peas. I heated up some more oil in a pan and sizzled a teaspoon of panchporan whole spices. Then I fried off some diced onion and ginger and garlic paste with a couple of chopped green chillies. Then I added the vegetables plus a teaspoon of turmeric and another of garam masala and cooked this for about 10 minutes, until everything was nicely mixed and soft. At this point I added a handful of chopped fresh green coriander leaves.

To serve, I reheated the sauce and the vegetables and sliced the lamb into nice pieces. I topped the rice with fried red onions and the vegetables with some mango chutney.

I was pretty pleased with the result. Next time, I will try it with chicken breasts marinated in yoghurt and tandoori spices instead of lamb.


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