Saddle of lamb with couscous stuffing

My local butcher’s shop sells what are known as Barnsley chops, double lamb loin chops cut from the saddle and they are great grilled. However, they also sell the chops as a piece, a small joint, and that is what this recipe used.

The meat was boned, leaving a nice small piece of meat that was suitable for stuffing and roasting.

The stuffing I made was influenced by Middle Eastern and North African flavours and was simply couscous, soaked in hot water until soft, mixed with chopped pistachio nuts and semi-dried apricots, Aleppo pepper flakes, ras el hanout spice mix, chopped fresh green coriander leaves, salt and olive oil.

The joint was then loosely tied and roasted in a 180C oven for about 45 minutes.

I served this with some plain white rice and a vegetable dish made with chopped shallots, crushed garlic, diced aubergines and courgettes sautéed in olive oil and then lightly stewed with herbes de Provence and chopped tomatoes.

There was some chopped mint and Greek yoghurt on the side (not in the picture) instead of a gravy.


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