Pan-fried cod with grilled prawns and flageolet beans

I don’t eat cod very often these days because of the pressure on fish stocks but in the fishmonger yesterday there was some lovely line caught cod on sale, so I had to buy a piece. I also bought some raw king prawns, because I love prawns.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a plan for a dish to cook with these two different ingredients, so what I had was basically just about eating things that I like rather than making a coherent plate of food.

I decided to use a small tin of green flageolet beans as the vegetable component of the meal and I cooked these in olive oil with garlic, chopped shallot, diced tomato, parsley, salt, pepper and lemon juice.

The lovely meaty prawns were shelled and butterflied, dressed with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and simply grilled on a hot griddle and the cod was fried in hot olive oil, skin side down, and then turned over and finished with some butter. The butter was then poured over the plate, which was also seasoned with some basil-infused olive oil.

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