Chicken saltimbocca with spinach and a potato rösti

Saltimbocca is traditionally made with small slices of veal but it works with other meats. Here, I used chicken breasts. These were trimmed and split in half lengthways. I suppose that I could have flattened them out, but I wanted nice plump parcels of chicken.

Slices of Parma ham and a sage leaf were placed inside each piece of chicken, which were then folded over and secured with a cocktail stick. These were left in the fridge until it was time to cook them.

The spinach was washed and steamed, then as much water as possible was squeezed out and this was also left on one side.

For the rösti, I parboiled some Maris Piper potatoes and let them cool. Then, these were grated into a bowl, seasoned and chilled in the fridge.

The chicken was sautéed in a frying pan in butter and grapeseed oil for about five minutes on each side and then simmered in a large glass of Marsala, a sweet Italian dessert wine, and about 200 ml of chicken stock for a further 10 minutes.

While these were cooking, I heated some butter in a non-stick frying pan and shaped the grated potato into flattish cakes and fried them until crisp and golden on both sides.

I melted some more butter in a saucepan and reheated the spinach with some grated nutmeg.

I checked that the chicken was cooked through and removed it from the pan while I reduced the sauce slightly.

To drink with this it had to be an Italian wine and Chianti Classico (check for the Gallo Nero, a black cockerel on the neck label) seemed like a good idea. We drank one from Waitrose, Monetmajone Chianti Classico 2011, a rich red with a nice spicy depth and a good fruity sour cherry note.


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