Prune-stuffed pork tenderloin with fondant potatoes

Pork and prunes is a French classic pairing. The reason it works so well is that pork is generally a dry meat, so the fruit gives it some moisture and sweetness.

Anyway, I prepared the prunes (pruneau d’Agen) by soaking them in cold tea for about an hour before I used them to stuff a piece of pork tenderloin which I had trimmed of fat and the outer silvery membrane and then cut open like a book and seasoned with salt and pepper. I then rolled it up again and wrapped it in pancetta. This was then roasted for 30 minutes in a 190C oven and allowed to rest.

The sauce was made by deglazing the roasting pan with the cold tea in which I’d soaked the prunes, a large glass of red wine, a tablespoon of quince jelly and a squeeze of tomato purée. I reduced the sauce down on the hob, thickened it with a large knob of butter and adjusted the seasoning.

The fondant potatoes were sautéed in butter in a saucepan with a lid and simmered in chicken stock for about 35 minutes, turning them half-way through the cooking. I should have used a waxy variety of potato, but I had Maris Pipers, so that was what I used. They were nice, but didn’t hold their shape as well as a Charlotte would have done.


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